Suspect Bursts into Flames After Being Tasered by Police Officer

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A man was acting erratically and, when approached by police officers, began resisting arrest. In a video, he can be heard antagonizing the officers as they attempt to subdue him. In an effort to gain control of the situation, one law enforcement official sprays tear gas on the man while another fired his taser, a combination that yielded disastrous results.

The incident took place in Paris, France, and the encounter was captured on video through one of the officer’s body cameras.

In the footage, the shirtless suspect can be seen trying to avoid the officers as he shouts, “I feel like tasering your mother. Why don’t you taser?”

An officer replies, “No, I don’t want to,” as one of the law enforcement officials strikes the man in the legs with a police baton.

Despite initially being resistant, one of the officers does use a taser on the man, at the same time another sprays the suspect with tear gas.

The combination of the tear gas and electricity causes the gas to ignite, leading the man to become engulfed in flames.

The suspect, who appears to be over 6 feet tall, hits the ground, while the officer holding the taser screams, “Guys, don’t use the gas! Who the f*** gassed him?!”

In an attempt to extinguish the flames, one of the law enforcement officials throws his body on top of the suspect.

Reportedly, the man did not sustain any serious injuries.

While the incident occurred in July 2013, footage of the event did not emerge on social media until this week, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

An internal investigation was completed in relation to the incident.