Suspect Attacks Cops, Gets Bodyslammed by Good Samaritan [VIDEO]

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When a cop responding to a call of a suspicious person approached the suspect, the man turned violent. What began as a polite conversation ended with the cop being assaulted. As the suspect fled, though, a bystander jumped in. He not only caught the man, but he took him down.

The video from the officer’s bodycam shows the encounter in Provo, Utah.

“The incident began when police responded to Sam’s Club to conduct a well-being check on a man who had been reportedly walking around the parking lot asking people for water,” Blue Lives Matter reports.

As the officer is questioning people at the gas station, he saw the man he was looking for and approached him.

“How ya doing man?” the officer asked 34-year-old Emiliano Medina. Medina kept walking, ignoring the officer.

“Hey, somebody called and said they were worried about you. Said you were asking for water or something?” the officer said. “Are you doing okay?”

The encounter, to that point, was peaceful. But Medina pointed at the officer’s gun. Then he reportedly made a gun sign with his hand and pointed it at the officer’s head.

Medina then reached for the officer’s gun. The two men then wrestled for a moment as the officer tried to restrain the man. Medina was able to break free after punching him, and ran.

He cut through the gas station, but was blocked by a man who tried to slow him down. Another, coming from behind, picked him up and slammed him to the ground.

“One male stopped [Medina], and the other male grabbed [Medina] from behind in a bear hug and slammed him to the ground. I then kneeled over [Medina] and placed him in cuffs and waited for other officers to arrive to assist me,” the officer wrote in his police report.

“Thanks guys!” the officer said. It was a nonchalant ending to the momentary dust-up, as both men seemed completely nonplussed by the take-down.

Medina was arrested for attempting to disarm a police officer, assaulting a police officer, and failing to stop at command of law enforcement.