Surveillance Video Shows Adult Teaching Child to Steal Packages in Broad Daylight

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Chicago has had its fair share of crime in recent years. The murder rate is most often cited, but it now seems that stealing packages in broad daylight has become a trend. When these homeowners viewed their surveillance video, they were shocked to see who helped to rob them.


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Ray and Esther Brown were diligently waiting on a couple of packages to arrive. The couple has surveillance cameras that begin recording when someone comes up to the door. Ray was able to see on his smartphone that the packages they were waiting on had been delivered.


When Ray got home he asked his wife where the packages were. “I came in the house first and he said where are the packages and I said well there are no packages, why are you tripping over these packages and he said because I saw that they were delivered,” said Esther Brown.


They went to watch the surveillance video and were shocked to see that a man and what looked to be his daughter, no more than six or seven, stole the packages in the middle of the day.

The items in the package were valued at less than $500 and consisted of cosmetics and a replaced toilet seat. The Browns were more disturbed by the small child who was with him. The child had on a backpack and looked as she had just been picked up from school.


“I was very alarmed to see the baby, the little girl, I didn’t care about the packages but it was that little girl that I felt was being corrupted,” Esther said.

They both hope that the culprit will be arrested and the child can learn a valuable lesson. “I thought it was brazen and bold, I mean it wasn’t even dark, the sun was still up, and to walk on the porch, I felt violated,” said Ray to Fox32.


“I’m sure they were very disappointed by the time they came home and open those packages and saw what the date of a theft that was, was it really worth the effort and certainly once they see this aired, they probably will realize oh my God we did all of that for what?” Esther said.


The Browns don’t think the two are from the area because the little girl’s school uniform doesn’t match any of the schools around them.

h/t Daily Mail