Video Shows Multi-Victim Shooting Spree Stopped by Armed Customer

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Surveillance footage of one man’s shooting spree has been released by law enforcement. Tim Day, 44, had stolen his girlfriend’s gun went on a rampage, ending up at a Walmart. Video from inside the store shows Day firing an ammunition case, just moments before he was shot and killed by a bystander.

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The incident took place on June 17. According to a report by Fox News, Day began his crime spree by attempting to carjack a family while they were at a gas station in Olympia, Washington.

Day was then seen driving erratically, reaching the city of Tumwater, before ultimately crashing a car into a vehicle.

Day then made two more attempts to carjack vehicles. In one of those incidents, Day fired his gun through the windshield of the car, an event that was caught on video by the vehicle’s dashcam, striking 16-year-old Danner Barton in the thumb.

After stealing Barton’s vehicle, Day made his way to the Tumwater Walmart.

After reaching the Walmart, Day headed to the sporting goods section, shoving shoppers out of the way as he ran, looking to acquire more ammunition.

Surveillance footage from inside the store shows Day reaching the locked ammunition case and firing at the display.

After grabbing a box of ammo, Day can then be seen heading towards a counter and stopping to reload his firearm.

Once he finished reloading the gun, Day then fled the store, pointing the firearm at customers as he left.

After exiting, Day tried to carjack Ricky Fievez, shooting Fievez twice as he resisted Day’s attempts.

Moments later, 47-year-old David George, an armed bystander who followed Day out of the store, fired at Day, shooting and killing him.

Authorities have stated that Day was a convicted felon who was barred from owning a firearm. While Day’s motivate for the crime spree isn’t clear, investigators believe he may have been suffering from paranoia at the time of the incident.