Surfer Breaks World Record After Catching 80-Foot Monster Wave [VIDEO]

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Most surfers spend hours in the water, waiting for the perfect wave. When they hit, the ride is short. There’s another side of the sport, though, that takes surfing to extremes. These waves are big–very big. And now, surfer Rodrigo Koxa has broken the world record. He was pulled into an 80 foot wave, and rode it all the way.

Rodrigo Koxa caught the 80 foot wave off Nazaré in Portugal on November 8, 2017. When he did, many thought it was the biggest wave ever ridden, but the previous record had been set at 78 feet.

While surfers in these situations know they are surfing big waves, they can’t tell just how large they are in the moment. In the image above, you can see the jet ski that towed him into position on the big wave.

Last week the World Surf League confirmed the 80 foot record at the Big Wave Awards in California.

Rodrigo Koxa said winning the award was “the best day of my life.” It was certainly less stressful than the day he set the record.

Garrett McNamara, the former record holder, had surfed a 78 foot wave in 2011.

The big wave record wasn’t the only one given out Saturday night. “Britain’s Andrew Cotton won the Wipeout of the Year award after his horror fall in Nazare, Portugal, on November 8, 2017,” The Daily Mail notes.

“Cotton wasn’t present to pick up his award as he is still recovering from the broken vertebrae that he suffered in that wipeout.”

Here’s the video of that crash:

Here’s the video of Koxa’s successful run.