Student Wearing Empty Holster on Campus Cited for “Causing Alarm”

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A student at the University of South Alabama was cited for wearing an empty holster in protest of the state’s campus carry laws. [Scroll Down For Video]

The entire incident was captured on video.

After talking with the students for sometime, this is what happened according to Campus Reform, where the video was posted:

“There’s some people in here that disagree with what you’re doing,” the officer informs them. “And when they see a holster, they call in; it’s just part of your protest.”

After a few minutes, the other officers return to the area bearing a citation charging Parten with violating sections 7G and 7N of the Student Code of Conduct.

Section 7G is titled “Engaging in activities that threaten the safety of the campus community,” and pertains to behaviors such as “intentionally or recklessly misusing or damaging fire or other safety equipment; use or possession of fireworks or incendiary, dangerous, or noxious devices or materials which have not been authorized by University officials; or intentionally initiating or causing any false report, warning or threat of fire, explosion, or other emergency.”

Section 7N merely states that students are prohibited from engaging in any conduct that violates university rules, regulations, or policies.

Before leaving, the officer asked Parten to remove his holster, warning that he will be written up for the same violations again if the department continues to receive calls about it, but Parten refused and the officers departed without further incident.