College Student Posts to Snapchat While Running From Police in 110MPH Chase [VIDEO]

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A college student fled in his pickup truck after being confronted by campus police while stealing stop signs. Local law enforcement pursued the suspect, resulting in a high-speed chase through downtown. During the incident, the student posted images to Snapchat showing his speed reaching 110 mph. The pursuit was captured on video by a police officer’s bodycam.

As reported by WSB-TV 2, Hunter Ty Wilkerson, a 19-year-old student at the University of Georgia, was arrested after crashing during a high-speed chase through downtown Athens.

Local law enforcement stated that Wilkerson was confronted by officers after allegedly stealing five stop signs from the college campus.

Initially, Wilkerson was spotted by campus police, but they didn’t pursue the suspect when he jumped in his Ford F-150 pickup truck and fled the scene.

Athens-Clarke County police began pursuing Wilkerson when he was spotted going 90 mph in a 35 mph zone at about 3:30 am local time on Thursday.

Epifania Rodriguez of the Athens-Clarke County Police Department stated, “At that point in itself he’s reckless. He’s putting lives in danger, to include his own and anyone else who’s on the roadway.”

The chase went on for less about two minutes until Wilkerson lost control of his truck, which went airborne and crashed into several parked cars. The vehicle came to rest in front of the university’s police headquarters.

Recently released bodycam footage shows a portion of the chase, the crash, and Wilkerson being taken into custody. During the arrest, Wilkerson repeatedly asks to “see what I did” and even asks, “Can I see all the cars I hit?” The officer refuses his request, instructing him to get in the police cruiser instead.

According to police, Wilkerson posted updates to Snapchat during the chase.

“An officer looks through his phone and sees he was active on social media, Snapchat, and was sending out updates saying that he was in a pursuit with the police officer,” said Rodriguez.

One Snapchat update reportedly showed Wilkerson’s speedometer reaching 110 mph as he was being pursued.

Wilkerson is facing 25 charges, including DUI, fleeing from a police officer, and reckless driving.