Student Goes on Hunger Strike Until College Professor Investigated for Sexual Harassment is Fired

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After numerous investigations into the behavior of a college professor cleared him of wrong-doing, a student has decided to go on a hunger strike. She’s hoping that her actions will convince the university to fire the professor, even though he’s been cleared of all of the allegations against him.

Lindsay Wrobel started a hunger strike Thursday night after hearing the news that a University of Rochester professor, who allegedly engaged in sexual activities with students and made unwanted sexual advances toward others, was cleared of any wrongdoing.

The professor in this matter, Dr. Florian Jaege, was found innocent after an internal and external investigation was completed. The President of the university, Joel Seligman, issued a public statement reading, “no violation of the law or University policy was found.”

An outcry from faculty and the student body ensured shortly after the investigation concluded. Wrobel, in particular, was not satisfied with the school’s decision and immediately began to participate in a “hunger strike.”

“Until Professor Jaeger is removed from the university, there’s going to be no trust among the student body,” she told the Daily Wire.

Any medical issues she sustains from her strike will be blamed upon the school, according to Wrobel. “It is painful, it is scary thinking about what comes next. I’ve had nausea. I’ve had headaches, I’ve had muscle aches really bad. Even texting feels like work,” she added.

Wrobel took to social media to let her followers know what she was doing; she also provided a link to her snapchat.

Seligman told an ABC affiliate news station that he has been in contact with Wrobel and only wants her to act safely. “I have been in touch with Lindsay to tell her how concerned I am about her and to let her know that my primary concern is her health.”

Wrobel may be alone in her hunger strike, but she isn’t alone in her pursuit to get the professor fired. All throughout last week, over 150 students regularly filled the courtyard of the university in protest of the school’s decision to clear Dr. Jaeger. A petition on currently has over 7,600 signatures with an aim for 10,000 signatures.

On August 30, seven current and former faculty members filed a 113-page complaint against Jaeger for sexual misconduct, which included drugged-out hot tub parties, unprotected sex with students and taunts that he might have a sexually transmitted disease.

The complaint also noted  Dr. Jaeger has a “long pattern of sexually predatory behavior at the University of Rochester.”

Dr. Jaeger is not teaching this semester because of the investigation but remains an employee of the University, according to the New York Post.