‘Stop F*ing Filming and Help Me’ Cop Screams Out While Battling Combative Suspect [VIDEO]

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Footage has emerged on social media showing a police officer struggling with a 17-year-old robbery suspect while several people simply stood by and filmed the incident with their phones, including a person who appears to be a uniformed security guard. During the altercation, the suspect even makes a move for the cop’s sidearm, prompting him to yell for help.

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The incident took place at a gas station in Greenville, Texas area, according to a report by Blue Lives Matter. The unnamed male officer had pulled over a vehicle that was believed to be connected to a shooting and aggravated robbery that had taken place in Harris County.

The suspect, later identified as Davon Shavelle Miller, 17, fled from the vehicle, leading the Houston officer to give chase and tackle the teen to the ground.

As the police officer battled the combative suspect, only one bystander came in to help. Everyone else simply stood around the developing scene, filming the encounter with their cell phones.

One of the witnesses who was recording the incident appeared to be a female security guard in uniform.

“Stop resisting!” a bystander can be heard shouting as the officer and another man attempted to handcuff Miller.

Miller, who was on his back, attempted to push the officer away and made several attempts to grab the officer’s duty weapon and his handcuffs.

During the altercation, Miller keeps instructing the crowd to “record me,” and even makes claims that the officer is “trying to kill me.”

A female witness rebukes that assertion, stating, “He’s not going to kill you.”

“We all out here with cameras!” she adds

The male bystander who was attempting to assist the officer managed to get the handcuffs away from Miller. Shortly after, a woman who appears to be wearing a security guard uniform steps into the view of the camera.

Instead of assisting the officer, the woman circles around the scene, filming the altercation with her phone.

When Miller again attempts to grab the officer’s gun, he begins yelling at the security guard.

“Help me!” the officer shouts. “Stop f***ing filming and help me!”

The woman can be seen moving around the officer with her phone in hand before the video ends.

Miller was ultimately subdued and taken into custody. He faces charges of felony disarming a police officer for his attempts at taking the cop’s firearm.

The identity of the female security guard is not known.