Steelworker Brought to Tears Talking About how Trump Has Helped American Workers [VIDEO]

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President Donald Trump took time on Thursday to visit a newly reopened U.S. Steel mill. Trump, who has been pushing for protection of American metals and the rejuvenation of American manufacturing, met an adoring crowd of supporters, including one worker who teared up talking about his new job.

The emotional moment was captured on film by a news crew covering the event in the St. Louis-area town of Granite City, Illinois.

“Officials with U.S. Steel said tariffs enacted by Trump led to the decision to restart a blast furnace at the mill,” Fox writes, “which brought back 500 jobs. The company has promised an additional 300 jobs by October, when it plans to restart a second blast furnace.”

The man in the video doesn’t look like a crier. He’s identified only as Tony, and he comes from a long line of steel workers. He was laid off more than two years ago.

Without his job at the mill, Tony had to find other work. Nothing paid as well as his old job, though, and he was having to work 70-80 hour weeks in order to stay afloat.

The newly opened mill, though, provided the opportunity for him to return to his old job. “Now that he’s got his job at the mill back,” Fox notes, “he said he can make a living with a 40-hour week and spend more time with his family.”

The moment quickly became emotional, though, when Tony spoke of his family. “When he was asked what it means to his family and friends to know that he’s back at work at the mill, he wiped away tears and replied, ‘That we’ve got a way of life’.”

“It’s just nice to know that we’ve got someone fighting for us to keep our jobs. It was rough for a lot of us,” Tony added.

The reporter then asked Tony if he had a message for the people watching, if there was anything he wanted to share with them.

Tony didn’t hesitate for a second. “We’re back,” he said.