State Police Share Heart-Wrenching Reminder About Why Texting While Driving is a Horrible Idea

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In order to raise awareness of the dangers of texting while driving, state police set up a display at a fair. They shared photos of a teen girl who was killed in a crash caused by her texting, as well as the twisted hunk of metal that was once her truck. The troopers also put the warning on social media.

Illinois state police wanted to make sure that people understood the danger of texting while behind the wheel. They put up a display at the ISP Safety Education Tent at the Illinois State Fair and also told the story of Lacy’s final moments on Facebook.

“Lacy’s last text,” the post began. “16 year old Lacy died in a crash while texting.”

“Yes, she died while wearing her seatbelt,” the post continued. “Sometimes an impact is just too violent to survive, seatbelt or not.”

“Understand, it’s not the seatbelt that killed her.”

“Lacy’s parents allow us to share the story of their only child in hopes of saving others from making that fatal choice to text behind the wheel,” the post continued. “Will you remember her?”

Most social media users who viewed the post found it heart-wrenching but also discussed how seeing it could help other teens make safer choices.

“This should go to Illinois schools,” wrote one, “show them the impact a text can really have! Prayers for her family!”

“My thoughts and prayers go out to Lacy’s family and friends,” said another. “Yet a big thank you for sharing your story with us. To help our young loved ones understand what can actually happen while they are driving. Texting can wait. So sad.”

“Her parents are very courageous and should be the ones honored,” a different Facebook user wrote. “This had to be tough, admitting it was their kid’s fault. I hope they find peace in saving others.”

h/t CDL Life