State Government Meeting Opens Up With Satanic Prayer Prompting Walk Outs

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It’s not every day that one hears a prayer reciting the words “Hail Satan” in a government meeting, but one state government meeting had numerous walkouts after Iris Fontana, a Satanic Temple member, won the right to open the meeting with an invocation of her choosing. Needless to say, people were angry.

In 2016, the ACLU of Alaska sued the Kenai Peninsula Borough after they integrated a new policy that claimed only people from official organizations with an established presence can give an invocation at meetings, The Hill reported.

Fontana was one of the plaintiffs in a 2017 ruling by the Alaska Supreme Court that found the borough policy was unconstitutional. Consequently, Fontana was allowed to speak at the meeting as the Satanic Temple is considered a religious organization, ironically.

As Fontana announced her plan to pray at the next meeting, over 40 protestors converged on the government building, many holding signs that read “reject Satan and his works” and “know Jesus and his love.”

According to the Peninsula Clarion newspaper, in attendance at the meeting, Fontana’s invocation stated, “She asked listeners to embrace the impulse to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. ‘Let us demand that humans be judged for their actions,’ she said.”

She concluded her invocation by stating: “That which will not bend, must break, and that which can be destroyed by truth should never be spared as demise. It is done, hail Satan.”

The controversial invocation was not well met inside the government meeting either. Assembly members Norm Blakeley and Paul Fischer and borough Mayor Charlie Pierce were the most prominent members who left the meeting prematurely, The Daily Wire reported.

William Siebenmorgen, one of the protestors, flew all the way from Pennsylvania to Alaska in an effort to proclaim his love for God.

“God will be pleased with our public prayers of reparation. We want God’s blessings on America, not Satan’s curses. Lucifer is the eternal loser. Let’s keep him out.”