Star Wars “Starship” Luxury Hotel Experience May Be Coming to Disney World

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Legions of Star Wars fans have been shoveling money into the coffers of The Walt Disney Company for at least two years. Their purchase of the Lucas empire has paid big dividends. And now they’ve got a new way for fans to spend their hard earned cash. As they ramp up the roll Star Wars will play in the theme parks, you may soon be able to spend the night on-board a starship.

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The star-ship will be docked, permanently. The first one will likely be at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Hollywood Studios is currently undergoing a major face-lift to include more Star Wars items.

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Rumors have been circulating for months that one new feature will be life-sized AT-AT walkers.

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The star-ship accommodations will allow for an even more immersive experience, and will likely be adjacent to the rest of the Star Wars themed parts of the park, i.e. Hollywood Studios.

The proposed hotel is still in the planning phase. Disney is rumored to be conducting surveys about just what should be included in a starship themed experience.

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Though many guests might prefer to stay in a rebel cruiser, it will likely have an Imperial theme. The rebel costumes are harder to pull off, as the rebels don’t wear masks. Most of the character experiences offered by Disney now include fully costumed characters. Perhaps they would consider Jawas?

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The folks at Nerdist took a look at the survey. A “2-night immersive resort experience at Walt Disney World” would look like this:

  • The opportunity to experience a 2-day story set in the the Star Wars universe
  • Be surrounded in a continuous, story-driven entertainment experience as it unfolds over the course of the 2-night stay
  • Have personal interactions with Star Wars characters, live performers throughout the starship (experience the story or simply observe the action according to personal preference)
  • Engage in the story with programs such as flight training, ship exploration, lightsaber training, and personalized secret missions (both on the starship and throughout the Star Wars themed planet)

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Maybe the Jawas aren’t being considered. It still sounds like something a 9-year-old might enjoy, immensely. And that’s really the heart of Star Wars. It always has been. These other images are all part of the new plans for expansion.

Having recently toured Hollywood Studios (just for the Star Wars that’s already there) I can say, assuredly, that this is going to be impressive. The demolition is already underway for the new updates, and the Disney Star Wars universe is only going to expand.

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For the generation that had to wait three years for The Empire Strikes Back, the new pace of growth seems magical.