Stalker Who Sent 159,000 Texts After a Single Date Wants a Trial so the Judge Will Order Victim to Marry Her [VIDEO]

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Jacqueline Ades allegedly sent over 150,000 texts over a 10-month span to a man she met on a dating site. The two met on a dating site for supposed “millionaires.” When he was out of the country, Ades broke into his home and was subsequently arrested. Ades now wants a trial, claiming it will force the unnamed man to marry her.

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In 2017, Ades met an unnamed CEO who sells skin and spa products on a dating that caters to millionaires. According to the Daily Mail, you must make at least $200,000, or if you are attractive enough, a current member of the site can sponsor your entry.

It’s unclear how Ades obtained an account, but she did end up on a date with the unnamed CEO, who, unfortunately for Ades, expressed that he wasn’t interested in a second date. Thinking that was the end of that connection, the CEO continued on with his day until he began receiving hundreds of text a day from Ades.

There were instances where she would make troubling comments. One text read: “I’d make sushi outta ur kidneys n chopsticks outta ur hand bones.” Another one read: “Oh what would I do w ur blood! Id wanna bathe in it.”

For the next 10 months, Ades, who is 31 years old, would mass text the man she had gone on one date with. In April 2018, Ades somehow knew the man would be out of the country and proceeded to break into his home to take a bath.

The man received a phone alert and saw Ades was in his home. He called the police, and they found her in the bathtub. She told the police, “I guess that I made up a whole scenario in my head where I live here, so I came here and pretended that’s what was happening.”

Officers found a kitchen knife in the front seat of her car and subsequently arrested her. The New York Post reported that she missed multiple court dates which resulted in Ades eventually being arrested.

When she was arrested for failure to show for court, she told the officers in the courtroom: “He said to me, ‘Go away’ for the last 16 months. And I couldn’t, because the more I loved him, the more I learned [about] the secrets of the universe.'”

Ades was offered time served with 10 years probation and a promise to never contact the man again, but she declined the plea deal and indicated that she wants to go to trial. Before going to trial, a judge has ordered a competency test to make sure she is capable of standing trial.

Ades met with three mental health experts, and two of them agree that she is mentally incompetent to stand trial at this time. Recently, Ades has tried to downplay her excessive and creepy texting by stating: “I just think it’s ridiculous, I can’t believe that it turned into this,’ Ades said. ‘I can’t believe that I’m actually in jail over some text messages.”

Ades next court hearing is May 21.