Stabbing Spree In Parking Lot Ends When the Good Guy With a Gun Shows Up [VIDEO]

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Opponents of the Second Amendment often declare that there’s no such thing as a good-guy with a gun. Defensive gun uses, they claim, don’t happen. It is a myth intended to boost the egos of white men with disposable income. That is a fallacy. Just becasue certain mainstream outlets won’t report these stories, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. And here’s one.

[Scroll Down for Video]

This incident happened in Seminole, Florida, on August 6. Rosanna Lynd was seated in her car in the parking lot of a Publix grocery store. Bobby Martin Watson saw her, approached the car, and tried to steal the woman’s purse.

Lynd wasn’t willing to give it up, though, and the two fought over the purse. Watson then stabbed Lynd in her left thigh and abdomen.

Christopher McMann witnessed the stabbing and came to intercede. Watson ran, and McMann gave chase. He caught Watson, but the man stabbed him, too. That’s when a third bystander got involved.

Travis Jones jumped into the fight and he and McMann, who had been stabbed in the back, tackled Watson. Jones was stabbed, too, though the Daily Wire reports that  “Jones later said he didn’t realize he had been stabbed until the police noticed the blood seeping out of him. Jones’ heart was ‘millimeters’ away from his stab wound.”

The stabbing spree ended when Watson lost his tactical advantage to a man with a gun. Donald Rush pulled a gun from his car and convinced Watson to drop his knife. He held the man at gunpoint until the police arrived.

Watson faces charges of armed robbery and battery with a deadly weapon. Lynd, McMann and Jones were all treated for their stab wounds and all are in stable condition.

This, like many other instances of defensive gun use, will never be reported in the crime statistics. No shots were fired. No one died. The gun was owned legally, and used lawfully. Incidents like this happen everyday, but go unnoticed by those who wish to vilify guns as the root of all evil in this society. That Watson was willing to kill with his knife is a better example of the desperation driving our times. But there’s nothing political to be gained by arguing for knife-control, so we’ll just let that one slide.

Here’s the proof of what we’re writing about here. Watch this video below. Notice anything missing? No mention of the gun at all. Despite the visual of the man with the gun, there’s no mention of a gun in this reporting.

And then there’s this, which seems to shed more light on the matter.