Sports Bar Patrons Disrupt Fox News Report on US World Cup Win by Chanting ‘F* Trump’ [VIDEO]

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World Cup viewers at a sports bar ruined a Fox News report on the US women’s team World Cup win when they began a profanity-laden chant that was focused at President Donald Trump. As Greg Palkot, a Fox News correspondent, started the report, a bartender shouted, “F*** Trump,” sparking a chorus of chants.

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The incident happened on Sunday at a bar in Lyon, France, according to a report by Raw Story. Palkot began the report by stating that “history has just been made” as the bar’s crowd cheered in the background.

As Palkot prepared to further discuss the US women’s team World Cup championship win, a bartender at the establishment yelled, “F*** Trump!”

The crowd quickly followed the bartender’s lead, chanting “F*** Trump!” repeatedly.

Palkot is initially startled by the crowd but tries to continue his report as if the chant isn’t ringing through in the background.

“We were going to be outside,” said Palkot. “We were going to be looking at a screen with the football game.”

“But, in fact, that game was canceled by the officials because they were worried about security measures,” he continued. “So, the American fans here they came in from that location over to this sports bar, and it’s been a crazy time.”

The chant did subside, and Palkot engaged with the crowd, asking if they were surprised by the historic win or if they had any doubts that the women’s team would succeed.

However, some members of the crowd decided to spin the conversation, shouting their support for Democrats in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

“Get that racist out of the White House,” said one bar patron.

“They are very happy,” said Palkot. “It’s a bit political thing too as you can see, but they’re very happy about this team winning.”

Fox News aired the entire piece on television, with the profanity completely audible.