Special Operations Hero Drowns ISIS Fighter in a Puddle

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Special Forces soldiers are a tough breed. We’ve read countless stories of their bravery in battle and watched films depicting their heroics. This story will further cement their legend as true bada**es. It has been reported that when an SAS soldier ran out of ammo, he drowned an ISIS militant in a puddle. No weapon, no problem.

The event took place in Mosul which has been an ISIS stronghold since the US pulled out of Iraq. As reported by a source close to the Daily Star, British troops were returning back to base from an intelligence-gathering mission when they were ambushed by a reported 50 ISIS militants.

“The SAS unit was trapped in a small river bed. They did a quick ammo check and realized they had less than 10 bullets left between them. They knew that if they were captured they would be tortured and decapitated,” the source said.

“Rather than die on their knees, they went for a soldier’s death and charged the ISIS fighters who were moving along the river bed. They were screaming and swearing as they set about the terrorists.”

Using only their wit and brute strength, the Special Forces soldiers, many already suffering from gunshot wounds, used anything and everything they could as a weapon.

The source explained that the soldiers used knives and even the butt of their guns as battering rams to kill the militants.  The battle, which lasted for a reported four hours, ended with 32 of the 50 militants dead, and the others fleeing in fear.

The Daily Mail reported that one SAS soldier killed an ISIS militant by drowning him in a puddle, then grabbing a nearby stone and repeatedly hitting him in the back of the head.

The injured and bleeding Special Forces soldiers then trekked five miles in the smoldering heat before running into Kurdish allied soldiers who took them back to their base. If that wasn’t bada** enough, the soldiers who did not sustain gunshot wounds returned back to duty two days later.