Special Forces Hero Takes Out 30 ISIS Terrorists with Grenade Launcher During Jihadis Last Stand

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One British SAS soldier is being hailed as a hero after killing 30 ISIS fighters last month. SAS troops were working directly with Kurdish forces, engaging hand-to-hand combat side-by-side in Baghouz, Syria, the final ISIS stronghold in the region. When the troops were ambushed, an Army Landrover operator responded, firing grenades to give the soldiers a chance to take cover.

The specially adapted vehicle was equipped with a grenade machine gun (GMG). According to a report by the Daily Mail, the GMG can fire “350 high explosive rounds per minute.”

The SAS soldier launched a six-round blitz, leaving the ISIS hideout “shattered” to pieces. He also killed 30 ISIS fighters.

ISIS had been given several opportunities to surrender before the final battles took place. The operation involving SAS troops was part of the last push to remove ISIS from the region, an effort that was deemed successful on Sunday.

Troops were on the ground just outside of Baghouz when ISIS terrorists began firing at them from a former bank. One soldier was injured.

A few days after the SAS soldier destroyed the building with a grenade launcher, a subsequent inspection revealed that about 30 bodies were in the “shattered” structure.

“After the SAS and Kurdish fighters came under attack, one SAS trooper opened fire with the grenade launcher to allow other members of the patrol to get into cover,” said a source.

A minimum of six grenades hit the building, leading it to collapse.

“When Kurdish troops returned a few days later they discovered at least 30 bodies inside the shattered building,” the source added. “All were IS fighters and most had died from shrapnel wounds from the grenades fired into the building.”

“The automatic grenade launcher is a real force multiplier. It allows troops to lay down a massive amount of fire-power very quickly.”