Someone Keeps Leaving Bowls of Mashed Potatoes on Peoples’ Property in This MS Town. Residents Baffled

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Residents of one town are baffled after Styrofoam bowls filled with mashed potatoes started randomly appearing outside of homes, on vehicles, and even inside of mailboxes. While many of the town’s residents assume that the spuds are merely a prank, others fear that the food may be poisoned or that someone is trying to harm pets in the neighborhood.

The mashed potatoes are being spotted in Jackson, Mississippi, according to a report by the Daily Mail. Residents have traded anecdotes featuring the surprise spuds, but no one seems to know who is leaving them or why.

On social media, some believe that a “mashed potato maniac” is running amuck and must be stopped. However, residents of the Belhaven neighborhood, one of the oldest in Jackson, aren’t necessarily overly concerned.

“This neighborhood does a lot of quirky things,” said Jordan Lewis.

“We decorate road signs we put Christmas trees in our potholes, so it’s not surprising at all, that’s why I love this neighborhood, because they do so many strange things, but it’s definitely one of the weirdest things I’ve seen since living in Jackson.”

Lewis said that she found a bowl of mashed potatoes on the hood of her car one day. When she posted about the discovery on Facebook, she learned that she wasn’t the only person to encounter random spuds.

“They’ve found it on their mailboxes, on their cars… So we don’t know if someone is just playing a prank or if someone just had a lot of leftovers,” she said.

Sebastian Bjernegard, another Jackson resident, said he didn’t think much of it when he crossed paths with a bowl of mashed potatoes that was sitting on his front stairs one morning as he headed to work. However, he also asserted that eating them wasn’t an option he considered.

“Some people were thinking maybe the mashed potatoes were poisoned to kill animals,” he said. “I didn’t taste it, I have a 3-second rule, so I didn’t touch it, but some people were worried.”

Residents mainly haven’t felt the need to involve law enforcement, assuming the mashed potatoes are merely a prank. Some are even curious about what the jokester may do next.

For now, the identity of the person – or people – involved any their motive remain a mystery.