Business Owner Who Can’t Afford Obamacare Asks How To Fix It. Sanders Answer is Disturbing. [VIDEO]

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Small business owners have been struggling with Obamacare since it was established. These owners argue that in order to offer health care they’d either have take away from employee funds, or they would have to raise prices. This very question was asked during the Ted Cruz-Bernie Sanders debate that aired on CNN Tuesday.


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The business owner, who owns a chain of hair salons in Texas, asked how she can pay her 50 employees a fair wage and not raise prices for her customers? She said she can’t afford Obamacare unless she does one or the other, and then, she hurts her own  business.

Sanders, who many consider a socialist, stuck to the idea that Obamacare is the only way for everyone to have health care.


“Let me give you an answer you will not be happy with,” Sanders replied. “I think that businesses that employ 50 people or more… I’m sorry, I think that in America today, everybody should have health care. And if you have more than 50 people, you know what, I’m afraid to tell you, I think you will have to provide health insurance.”


Many ridiculed his statement to the small business owner and questioned if he was telling her to just go out of business. The salon owner wasn’t letting him off that easy either after he dodged her questions. “So my question is how do I do that without raising my prices to my customers or lowing the wages to my employees,” she asked.

In typical Sanders fashion, he did what he always does when approached by a healthcare question, he argued that it’s “unfair” that everyone can’t have health care in America.


In an example that social media is still ripping him for, he claimed that a business in Fort Worth that provides decent health care to their employees has to compete with her business that can’t offer health insurance.

The business owner who was seemingly fed up with him dancing around the question simply replied back saying,“I think you’ll find the profit margin in my entire industry about the same.”


Social media, as they tend to do when there a political debate, came out in full force to criticize and ridicule how painful that was for Sanders.

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Sanders did admit at the end that he didn’t know anything about hair salons as he tried to lighten the mood, but the damage was done. If you have a small business, Sanders doesn’t plan on helping you.