Skeleton of Disabled Man Found in Home Two Years After His Death [VIDEO]

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The skeleton of a disabled man was discovered in a dilapidated home Friday by a homeless man. The identity of the dead man has yet to be confirmed, but authorities are estimating the man probably died at least two years ago. Authorities hope the owners of the property can shed some light on his identity and his death.

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The Daily Mail reported that the homeless man looked inside a window of the abandoned home in suburban Atlanta and saw a skeleton sitting in a chair where he possibly died.

Authorities believe that the man was in his mid to late 40’s. Shiera Campbell, a DeKalb County police spokeswoman, said in a recent statement that discovering the cause of death may be next to impossible as the body has deteriorated over the years.

“Right now, they don’t even know how long he’s been dead,” Campbell said. “We do have to talk to the family and see exactly what happened with this person. It is believed he moved in after the parents died,” Campbell added.

The next course of action for law enforcement would be trying to examine the bones and possibly bring in an anthropologist to help look for a way to identify the victim.

Neighbors say there was a sick or disabled man living in the home prior who had relatives who would come in and check on him twice a week, but they stopped coming a couple of years ago.

According to WSB-TV, the previous owners of the property had died and left the property to their children. The neighbors in the surrounding areas concluded that the man moved in over four years ago. It is thought that he was a son of the deceased owners.

Two women, who were presumably the man’s sisters, would come by and help. “They would come twice a week, bring his food, take the trash out to the street and bring the trash cans back,” a neighbor said.

A tree fell on the home at some point, and the women stopped showing up. It’s unclear if they were aware the man was dead inside the home or not. The neighbors thought the man moved out years ago.