Six Inmates Save Officer After He Collapses

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Convicts have been headline news for the past couple of weeks. Four prisoners escaped from a prison in Oklahoma and led officers on a good chase, while two convicts in Georgia killed their guards and began a crime spree that ended with an armed homeowner holding them at gunpoint. But this story is a bit different.

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The heat wave gripping the nation his a Polk County officer hard. He passed out on a work detail in rural Georgia while watching over several prisoners.

The inmates, though, didn’t bolt. Instead, they did the right thing.  The Polk County Sheriff’s Office says the inmates called 9-1-1. They used the officer’s phone, dialed the emergency number, and even requested an EMS crew. After that, they began treating him for heat stroke.

The Sherriff posted this on Facebook:

“In Law Enforcement an Officer can be pinned this medal for a heroic act that involves saving another’s life.

Today, our Office celebrates the heroic acts of 6 individual inmates on our Work Detail with lunch in the park and desserts prepared by the Officer’s family members.

On Monday morning one of our Detail Officers passed out while providing security for his detail on the job site and all six inmates took action to render aid by grabbing his work phone and calling 911 to get EMS and Officers on the scene. They also removed his outer carrier vest in attempts to help cool him off.

As we watched the horrific man hunt this week of the two inmates that killed two Correctional Officers and were captured last night we all know that Monday could have ended differently for our Officer.

We are very proud of the actions of all 6 inmates involved.”

The officer’s family, greatful for their actions, treated the inmates to lunch.