Sisters Will Inherit $20 Million – IF They Complete Their Dad’s List of Tasks He Left For Them

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Instagram photo of Victoria, Marlena and Ewa Laboz. @victorialaboz

Real estate mogul Maurice Laboz passed away earlier this year. He left his daughters, Marlena and Victoria, a sizable inheritance, over $20M.

They won’t receive the bulk of it until they are 35 years old. However, Laboz did leave some money in an intricately planned trust that would allow the girls to earn sizable portions of the money before then by completing various tasks.

The girls will net $500,000 if they get married. However, only if their husbands sign a legally binding contract to never touch that money.

They get another $750,000 for graduating from an accredited university and writing a 100 word essay to describe what they would do with the money (it’s up to their dad’s trustees to determine if their essay is worth).

Both girls will be able to triple their salaries starting in 2020 if they have full-time jobs, courtesy of the inheritance money.

If the girls get pregnant, in wedlock, then they will each be able to draw 3% of their inheritance annually after the child is born.

Laboz was in the process of divorcing the girls’ mother, who was left out of the will. She plans to contest it. The remainder of his fortune will be divided among several charities.