Single Mom Give Up Shopping at Grocery Stores, Starts Hunting to Provide Food For Family

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Most people have given up hunting and farming to provide food for their families. It’s so much simpler to go to the grocery store. But that can’t be said for Lisa Taylor. Taylor has a growing fan base on her Facebook page, where she shows the animals she has hunted and killed and how to cook them for family.

Taylor, who lives in England, says that hunting animals is more humane and ethical than going to the grocery store and buying animals who were slaughtered on a farm. Her followers are in agreement with her. Many compliment her on her kills and the delicious food resulting from her hunt.

“Well done Lisa all because of your hard work, you should be very proud of yourself,” one commenter wrote on her Facebook. Taylor even makes her own rounds of ammo.

“I’m a girl who hunts and cooks. This is my way of meat shopping,” her social media account reads. Her Facebook usually consists of a picture of her latest kill with a caption where she shot it and what date.

One recent image reads: “This was a Young Roe Buck (Spiker) I shot April 2015. He was quite skinny and was part of the cull plan. Can’t believe Roe Buck season is coming back around so fast. Hopefully after culling last year’s bucks we should have a good healthy and strong herd of Roe deer.”

Taylor, a single mother and manager at a deer park, hunts animals such as fox, deer, and of course, wild boar. She usually poses with her rifle and that seems to rub animal activists the wrong way.

Those who oppose Taylor hunting to provide food for her family usually leave comments on her page calling her “barbaric.”

Recently, one commenter wrote, “Why celebrate this? I’m from a sheep farming family so I get why it’s done but I don’t get the pride or glee of killing an animal.”

Elisa Allen, the director of PETA in the UK has some harsh words for Taylor when she spoke to the Daily Mail.

“There’s a word for a person who derives pleasure from killing,” she said. “And while this woman is clearly desperate for attention, callously snuffing out the lives of animals who wanted nothing more than a peaceful existence will make her reviled rather than revered.”

I doubt Taylor is worried about what others say as long as she is providing for her family. Maybe we all would benefit from going back to a simpler time.