Shocking Scan Shows Teen’s Lungs Filled with Solidified Oil From Vaping, Leaving Him Unable to Breathe on His Own

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Vaping has suddenly become a health epidemic of major proportions. Once thought to be less dangerous than cigarettes, vaping is now under attack. Throughout the past month, young people in distress have received scans showing that they have the lungs comparable to the elderly due to vaping. The sudden onslaught has forced the government to act.

Anthony Mayo became ill last week when his parents noticed the 19-year-old looked pale and had trouble breathing on his own. The Pennsylvania teen was taken to the Millcreek Community Hospital where it was discovered that his lungs were filled with solidified vape oil, giving him “the lungs of a 60-year-old, two-pack-a-day, smoker.”

Since being taken to the hospital, Mayo has been unable to breathe on his own and his oxygen levels are dangerously low. Doctors are hoping for the best, but the early prognosis doesn’t look good as they don’t believe he will ever fully recover, the Daily Mail reported.

Doctors are hoping that pumping heated oxygen into his lungs will help to break down the solidified oils and allow him to cough it up. Keith Mayo, Anthony’s father, is speaking publicly about his son’s illness to help bring awareness to the life-threating ramifications of vaping.

“His whole spin on it was it was cool and not that bad for you. I was just as guilty. I went along with it. I never got into it, but I didn’t also prevent it either,” Keith told Metro US. “He is going to have some scarring. Whether it’s profound, we don’t know yet. It’s a wait and see type of thing. He’s young, he’s 19, so he can recover from this.”

“As the doctor says, anytime you put moisture into your lungs its not good. It’s solidified. It’s caking everything inside of his lungs,” he concluded.

Anthony’s mother, Tanya, has created a fundraising page. “A warning for those in denial. This is what vaping looks like when your otherwise healthy 19-year-old is admitted into the ICU.Left lung [is] about 80 per cent congested and right is about 50 per cent, oxygen level was 37,” she wrote on the page.

“According to the doctor this is showing areas that have essentially solidified like bacon grease. The pulmonary doctor said he had seen dead people with a higher oxygen level. A full recovery is uncertain… Only time will tell.”

As of September 20, eight people have died from vaping related illnesses, with those numbers expected to continue to grow.