‘Shitty Robot’ Queen Simone Giertz Reveals She Has a Brain Tumor [VIDEO]

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Simone Giertz, a self-proclaimed robotics enthusiast and expert in “shitty robots,” revealed to her nearly 1 million YouTube subscribers that she has a brain tumor. Giertz is best known for her crazy and comical creations. She began experiencing swelling behind her right eye that she initially attributed to allergies but discovered the cause was quite different.

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Giertz added a video to her channel explaining that she actually had a brain tumor about the size of a golf ball. The description reads: “Curve ball from life! Everything still feels pretty surreal, but I’m getting through it. Queue jokes about shitty brain surgery robots.”

The tumor isn’t malignant, though its size means she will likely need to undergo “pretty extensive brain surgery.” Even with treatment, she could face significant health-related side effects, including losing her right eye and seizures.

“If I lose my right eye, I really feel like I’d be a pretty rad patch wearer,” said Giertz. She even admitted that she has already begun designing patches.

Giertz also contemplated whether her tumor could be sent into space.

Surgery has been scheduled for the end of May, so Giertz said she might not be able to produce any new videos for a period.

However, she promised to build more “shitty robots” in the future.

The video has already been viewed over 876,000 times in the first day of it being posted. It has also gathered over 20,000 comments, largely from people wishing her luck and a speedy recovery.

Some commenters even admitted that they “teared up” during the video while others shared their own tales of brain surgery as a sign of support.

Many of the comments came from people unfamiliar with her channel once the video started trending, with the majority offering kind words.