Shirt N. Korean Assassin Was Wearing as She Killed Kim Jong-Un’s Brother Shows His Ruthlessness [VIDEO]

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It was one of the most brazen political assassinations in recent history. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un apparently ordered the assassination of his half brother while he was traveling in Malaysia.

Two female North Korean spies posing as Vietnamese nationals carried out the attack in broad daylight at an airport.

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According to a report by the Daily Mail:

North Korea has tried to block an autopsy of Kim Jong-Un’s assassinated half-brother after ordering Malaysia to hand over his body, it emerged today.

Kim Jong-Nam was reportedly killed by two female Pyongyang operatives who grabbed him from behind and poisoned him at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Monday.

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Stooges from Kim Jong-Un’s North Korean embassy were seen in a car with blacked-out windows outside the city morgue where his body was taken – and waited there so long they eventually ordered a KFC meal, it has been claimed.

Officials including North Korea’s ambassador, Kang Chol, spent hours failing to convince Malaysian authorities to hand over the body and their demands to stop the autopsy being performed were also ignored.

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Despite how cold blooded it was to have his brother killed in broad daylight, in a very public place, while burning two of his country’s espionage assets in the process, perhaps the most callous part of the whole situation is the shirt one of the female assassins was wearing.

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The shirt, captured on security footage, show a shirt that simply says, “LOL.” While it’s unclear if the North Korean leader had any influence on the spy’s choice of clothing, it’s seems unlikely that the girl would be wearing a shirt with the abbreviation for “laughing out loud” randomly.

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I think we can all agree being killed by a trained assassin wearing a shirt with LOL on it is a pretty bad way to go, and if he directly influenced the clothing choice shows how heartless and ruthless Jong-un really is.