Sheriff’s Deputy Was Stopped from Picking up Engagement Ring from Jeweler Because He Was Armed

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On Wednesday, a sheriff’s office took to social media to discuss an incident involving one of the deputies. The deputy went into a jewelry store to retrieve his engagement ring while he was on duty. Jewelry store staff members stopped the deputy from entering the store, citing the fact that he was armed as the reason he wasn’t allowed inside.

The incident took place at a Kay Jewelers in Statesville, North Carolina, according to a report by WPBF. The Iredell County Sheriff’s Office discussed what had occurred in a Facebook post, noting they were “deeply saddened” by how things played out.

“The deputy took his meal break to pick up the ring and was met at the door by the store manager, who informed him he was not allowed to wear his service weapon while on their premises,” wrote the sheriff’s office.

After being told he could not enter while armed, the deputy spoke to the location’s manager and stated that removing his service weapon while he was in uniform would be a policy violation. He went on to tell that manager that the policy is in place to ensure the safety of both the deputy himself and the general public.

“The manager stated our deputy would need to return to the store at a different time when he was not armed,” said the sheriff’s office.

The deputy ultimately left the jewelry store without the ring.

“The reaction our deputy encountered is very difficult for us to comprehend, and we earnestly hope situations such as these are few and are diminishing,” said the post.

David Bouffard, a spokesperson for Kay Jewelers, responded to the Facebook post. He said that Kay Jewelers is “reaching out to the customer and the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office to sincerely apologize for the mishandling of this matter.”

“We have tremendous respect for law enforcement, and we thank the Office for bringing this to our attention,” said Kay Jewelers. “We will be sure to reinforce store training regarding our firearm policy with specific regard to uniformed law enforcement.”

On Thursday, Kay Jewelers announced that the manager who had refused the deputy entry is no longer with the company.