Sheriff Clarke Appointed to Key National Security Position

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. will reportedly be leaving his current position to become the Assistant Secretary in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Clarke, a conservative Democrat and stout Trump supporter, has been a fan favorite with Republicans. Clarke’s appointment could appease both parties with his Democratic Party affiliation and his no-nonsense stance.


Clarke’s decision to accept the federal position was revealed in an exclusive interview with Milwaukee’s WISN where he told them, “I’m both honored and humbled to be  appointed to this position…working for the Trump administration in this position.”

The soon to be former sheriff gave a brief rundown of his expected job duties within the position. He is to “take complaints of shortcomings in the Department of Homeland Security” and turn them around.


The position does not need senate confirmation, unlike a position he was linked to early last week. There was speculation following the surprise firing of FBI Director James Comey that Clarke could be considered for the top FBI spot.


The Homeland position does seem to be a better fit for Clarke. The Milwaukee sheriff’s tough talk on crime has made him popular in both the Trump administration and the Republican party. He has also been outspoken against the Black Lives Matter protestors, aligning him with many conservatives across America.


Clarke will be working side by side with retired Marine General John Kelly who currently serves as the Homeland Security Secretary.


The department Clarke will oversee was created in the wake of 9/11. His responsibilities will include handling counter-terrorism and enforcing immigration laws.


Although excited by the appointment, the 60-year-old sheriff says he understands that keeping our borders secure is a big job for anyone. “I’m almost overwhelmed just with the thought of it, but at the same time I never shy away from a challenge.”