She Mistook Wasabi for Avocado & Ended Up in the Hospital

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After a 60-year-old woman mistook wasabi for an avocado at a wedding, doctors diagnosed her with “broken heart syndrome.” The syndrome is often found in women ages 58 to 70, but it is typically attributed to the loss of a loved one or severe fear or trauma. Researchers indicate that this is the first-ever recorded example of the syndrome being caused by wasabi.

The unnamed 60-year-old woman from Israel was attending a wedding where she ate a “large amount” of wasabi after she mistook it for avocado.

The woman claimed she felt an immense pressure on her chest but refused to leave the wedding since the pain began to subside shortly thereafter.

The following day, the woman felt “uncomfortable and weak” so she opted to visit a doctor, according to IFL Science.

At the hospital, doctors ran an electrocardiogram and discovered some dysfunction in her heart’s left ventricle, which is used to pump blood throughout the body, the Washington Post reported.

This is often referred to as “broken heart syndrome,” which doctors define as a “temporary disruption of [the] heart’s normal pumping function in one area of the heart.”

According to Fox News, this syndrome is typically caused by extreme emotional or physical stress and is predominately seen in women over their 50s.

Doctors used beta-blockers and various other medicines that reduce blood pressure and fluid around the heart to rectify the issue. It took the woman over a month of constant medication and bed rest to recover from the ordeal.

Wasabi isn’t all bad though. Various studies have been conducted that state the properties found in wasabi can prevent cancer.

Researchers claimed this was the first case of “broken heart syndrome” induced by food. “To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of takotsubo cardiomyopathy triggered by wasabi consumption,” researchers wrote.

In 2014, a Malaysian man developed the syndrome after he ingested sago worms.