She Held Up a Sign Saying She Needed a Kidney During a Hockey Game. It Works

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Kelly Sowatsky, 30, had been battling kidney failure for almost three years as a result of a sepsis infection. Without a transplant, she was going to be stuck on dialysis for the remainder of her life. Not willing to sit idly by during the four to six-year wait to move up the transplant list, Sowatsky took action.

Sowatsky, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania resident, according to a report by the Daily Mail, contracted a blood infection three years ago on Christmas which resulted in kidney failure.

As her health deteriorated, family members were evaluated to see if they were a match for a kidney transplant, but only one, her mother, qualified.

Since doctors advised against her mother donating, as she was acting as Sowatsky’s caretaker, that left Sowatsky sitting on the waiting list and receiving dialysis to survive.

With the change of Sowatsky living long enough to receive a life-saving transplant from being on the transplant list dwindling, she decided to try to locate potential matches on her own.

A fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Sowatsky headed to a game with a sign, which read: “Calling all hockey fans! I need a kidney! Kidney! Kidney! Kidney! Gratefully yours, Kelly.”

At the bottom of the sign was a phone number.

Within minutes, calls, texts, and messages began flooding in and, in just two days, she found a donor.

Jeff Lynd, 35, lived hundreds of miles away in Delaware, but saw a picture of Sowatsky’s sign after the Penguins shared in of social media.

He offered up his “slightly used” kidney.

“The Twitter sign caught his eye, and he just really wanted to do something about it,” said Sowatsky.

“He said he just felt like he was going to be the guy, and here we are a couple months later, and he is the guy.”

Sowatsky received Lynd’s kidney on November 6 and is recovering well from the transplant. Additionally, she says she has gained a friend.

“We have an incredibly great relationship. We’ve become kind of like brother and sister and talk almost every single day,” she said.