She Bragged About Buying a Gun on Facebook & Friends Freaked Out. Now She’s in the News

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Fiona McCrossin took to social media, posting a message when she purchased her “first ever gun,” encouraging others to “post pics of your most favorite firearm or the first gun you’ve ever had.” However, some of the commenters expressed clear concern about her decision to buy a gun, and their fear seems to be justified.

“I don’t feel confidently about you owning a handgun,” said one commenter.

McCrossin became defensive. “It would be one thing if you said you don’t feel confident about anyone owning one,” she said. “In this case you are very clearly implying that there is something about me which would make it unsafe and that is incredibly ridiculous I don’t know where to begin but I guess first of all, what makes you think that you have the authority to say that someone that passed the background checks to buy a firearm and who immediately registered it and is asking for safety pointers would be unsafe?”

“I’m fully expecting any answer you have to be completely offensive and inappropriate and based on wild assumptions,” McCrossin added, “but please, continue.”

Now, according to a report by the Albuquerque Journal, 22-year-old McCrossin is accused of shooting toward two people during a road rage incident on Thursday at approximately 6:00 pm in Las Cruces.

The two other people were in another vehicle, and McCrossin shot out her own back window while firing her weapon.

McCrossin was traveling along with her 13-year-old sister when a woman in a Mazda sedan approached them. McCrossin and the other driver reportedly started honking at each other and they both “engaged in aggressive driving,” said investigators.

“At about that time, the driver of the Mazda, later identified as McCrossin, pointed a handgun at the Lexus and discharged one round,” said the Las Cruces Police Department. “Police learned the round fired by McCrossin shattered the back window of her own vehicle.”

McCrossin fled from the scene but was found by authorities. She had a spent .380 caliber casing in her vehicle, and the gun that is believed to have been used was also recovered.

McCrossin was arrested after the incident and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a fourth-degree felony offense. She was booked into the Doña Ana County jail and is being held without bail.

No one was injured during the incident.