She Accused a Cop of Groping Her During Traffic Stop. Then the Department Released the Dashcam. [VIDEO]

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When a woman was pulled over twice in one day by the same state trooper, she accused him of sexual harassment. Now dashcam footage of the controversial incident has been released to the public. Though the images on the video have upset many, the state claims the footage validates their decision to exonerate the officer.

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Trooper Isaiah Lloyd, from Campbell County, Tennessee, has been cleared of any wrongdoing of the aforementioned allegations. Patricia Wilson was stopped twice on August 16, one of those times she had her two children with her.

The District Attorney stated Llyod’s traffic stops were “inconsistent with his training.” Yet the DA added in the same press release that the footage did not “form the basis for any criminal charge against him.”

The Daily Mail reported Wilson pursued a $100,000 lawsuit against the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Initially, Wilson was pulled over by Lloyd for not wearing her seat belt. The footage shows the officer asking Wilson if she was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

“No, I do no drugs, no nothing, swear to God,” the mother-of-two replied. Lloyd then proceeds to frisk her waistband for about 15 seconds until she explains that she takes Ambien to sleep sometimes.

Lloyd then tells her that Ambien is classified as a narcotic, which is false. In turn, he issues a field sobriety test that lasted for six minutes. She is seen raising her leg six inches in the air and keeping her balance.

After determining she was not under the influence of anything, Lloyd wrote her a ticket for not wearing her seat-belt, which the DA later dismissed, according to CBS News.

Hours later, Wilson was pulled over once more by Trooper Lloyd. When he approached the window of the driver seat, Wilson claimed in her lawsuit that Lloyd told her: “We have to stop meeting like this.”

He informed her she was being pulled over for having her windows tinted illegally, an observation he failed to mention or notice the first time he pulled her over. Wilson had her two children, ages eight and three in the vehicle with her this time. Before he let her off with a warning, Lloyd asked her where she was heading.

Wilson said in her suit that she was dropping her children off to see their father. The Tennessee Highway Patrol argued that Lloyd followed the proper procedures and was not acting unprofessionally.

“After careful consideration and review, the Tennessee Highway Patrol Command Staff has advised me that Trooper Isaiah Lloyd conducted this traffic stop in a professional manner in an effort to protect the motoring public.”