Sharks Found Living Inside an Active Volcano [VIDEO]

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Submarine volcanos around the world are, for the most part, unexplored and unchartered areas. Partially because the risk of a violent eruption happening at any moment deters many scientists. You would think there would be little to no chance of animals living in these conditions, but you would be wrong.

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The submarine volcano known as Kavachi has a colorful history and has always piqued interest from scientist all around the globe. Located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean near the Solomon Islands, Kavachi has erupted twice in recorded history, once in 1939 and most recently in January of 2014.

There wouldn’t be many who would argue with you that sea creatures couldn’t live in such a deadly, and possibly volatile, environment such as a volcano, but according to National Geographic, there are several creatures who call submarines volcanoes home.

A group of scientist went to Kavachi, and since it wasn’t currently spewing ash and bubbling the ocean water, they dropped an 80-pound hi-definition camera into the volcano to see what lies within its walls.

When they retrieved the camera after an hour, they were blown away to find actual life inside the submarine volcano. Footage recorded in the volcano revealed a Sixgill Stingray and, to the surprise of many within the team, a plethora of sharks.

Finding sharks such as the hammerhead and the silk shark located within a volcano that erupts regularly was shocking, according to the scientists. The group of investigators, led by ocean engineer Brennan Phillips, now have more questions than answers.

“When it’s erupting, there’s no way anything could live in there,” says Phillips in the video below. That’s what makes discovering these animals down inside the volcano so perplexing.”

Phillips questioned how they survive and if they’re aware they are in a volcano. “They’re living in a place where they could “die at any moment,” so how do they survive? These are the questions which arise after viewing this stunning footage.”

Their discovery is surprising and is sure to lead to new expeditions. Sooner or later, we’ll also probably find ourselves watching a cheaply made straight-to-TV movie called “Sharkcano” once word of this impressive find garners national attention.