Shaquem Griffin Impresses at NFL Combine by Bench-Pressing 20 Reps with Prosthetic Hand [VIDEO]

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One of the most memorable moments from the NFL Scouting Combine on Saturday came courtesy of Shaquem Griffin, a linebacker who has a prosthetic hand. Griffin had his left hand amputated at age four, but that hasn’t stopped him from being a talented collegiate linebacker with multiple interceptions and sacks during his last three seasons.

Griffin, according to a report by the Bleacher Report, completed 20 bench presses with the weight set at 225 pounds.

The linebacker from Central Florida, who does not wear his prosthetic hand when he plays, had one recorded interception during his last three seasons with the team, as well as 18.5 combined sacks throughout his junior and senior years.

Griffin, whose twin brother, Shaquill Griffin, already plays for the Seattle Seahawks as a cornerback, in “A letter to NFL GMs” that was published on Friday, provided insight into his father’s inventive approach to training.

The letter said, “My dad used to build all kinds of contraptions to help me lift weights. We had this one thing – we called it ‘the book,’ and it was basically a piece of wood wrapped up in some cloth that I would hold up against the bar with my left arm when I bench pressed so my arms would be even.”

Griffin had originally set his bench press goal for the combine at six, possibly because an NFL general manager had announced a target of five, and he more than tripled it.

Griffin wasn’t initially invited to take part in the combine. However, he was welcomed by the NFL after his performance at the Senior Bowl.

While it isn’t known for certain whether Griffin will be selected during the draft, his bench press may increase his odds of being invited to join an NFL team.

The 2018 NFL Draft is scheduled to begin on April 26 and runs through April 28. It will take place inside an NFL stadium for the first time, with AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, serving as the host venue this year.