Shaman Jumps Into Croc Infested Lake to Prove He Has Supernatural Powers. Crocodiles Prove Him Wrong. [VIDEO]

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An Indonesian Shaman who said he had supernatural powers jumped into a crocodile-infested lake to locate the body of a teenager who had been attacked and killed by crocodiles days earlier. Video shows the Shaman chanting as he floats in the water, and it wasn’t long before the crocodiles took notice. Unfortunately, his powers weren’t as effective as he’d believed.

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Suprianto, the Shaman in the video, believed he had supernatural abilities that would keep the crocodiles away from him as he looked for the remains of Arjuna, a local boy who was attacked by crocodiles days earlier.

As the Shaman ventured further into the Muara Jawa, a lake in Indonesia that is plagued by crocodiles, he can be heard chanting. A few seconds later, the video shows the Shaman being dragged underwater.

At one point, Suprianto appears to have freed himself and tries to head further into the lake, but he is once again grabbed by the crocodile and disappears from view.

Authorities were eventually able to recover the Shaman’s body as well as the body of the boy he was searching for.

Authorities indicated that both bodies were intact. They discovered the Shaman’s body floating across the lake at 9:40 pm with bite marks on his leg and thigh.

The gruesome video shows just one of a multitude of crocodile attacks since July.

Police Chief Fadillah Zulkarnaen gave his thoughts on what may have happened to the Shaman after he was pulled underwater.

“I think he was dragged by a croc under the water and then ran out of oxygen,” he said. “From the pictures I’ve seen, his body is still intact, his arms and legs are still there.”

The Muara Jawa has been a hotspot for crocodile attacks during the summer months. According to the Daily Mail, the body of water is responsible for a quarter of crocodile attacks in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, the Shaman’s beliefs apparently didn’t take into account the natural instincts of a predatory reptile.