Seven Year Old Fools School Officials With Misspelled Fake Note. Her Dad is None Too Happy.

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A seven year old girl in Texas passed one of the worst forged parent’s notes ever, and her school allowed her to leave early. And now, as you might imagine, the girl’s parents are looking for answers.

Raise your hand if you made it all the way through school without faking a note from your parent or forging a signature. I can remember drawing some extra lines over grades, trying to change a D to a B. But this seven year old must really have some gumption.

Most kids in America, by the time they’re seven, are reading and writing (at least a bit). But the note that was passed doesn’t show a tremendous command of the English language.

note 1

As you can see, the note clearly conveys the message, but it is a bit crude. Her handwriting is very nice for a seven year old, though she’s using an alternative and irregular spellings of to, and an experimental spelling of bus.

I can only imagine that she was truly stunned when it worked. Little Rosabella handed off her note to administrators at Sheldon Elementary in Houston, Texas, and they willing complied with the directions. Rosabella, who was supposed to stay for an after-school program, boarded a bus that (thankfully) dropped her off at her house.

Though she made it home, she couldn’t get inside. The house was locked and no one was home. Rolando Lozano, a neighbor, was home. When Rosabella came to his house to use the bathroom, he called her father,¬†Charlie Dahu.

The neighbors kept her safe until Rosabella’s parents were able to come pick her up.

So how is it that the people at the school fell for her forgery? My guess is that they’re as smart as she is. Or perhaps they’re simply not paid enough to care.