Seriously Badass Bull Takes Down SIX Matadors at Once [VIDEO]

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Shocking video has emerged showing a massive bull taking on six bullfighters during an event. The six men attempt to get the beast under control using their bare hands but are simply no match for the animal’s power. The bull tosses the men all around the arena, leading one of them to sustain a head injuring and have a seizure.

[Scroll down for video]

The incident took place at a bullfighting event in Chamusca, central Portugal, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

It appears to occur towards the end of the battle, during a portion of the fight called the “pega,” a moment where eight bullfighters, all unarmed, actively provoke the animal into charging at them.

During the bull’s rampage, six bullfighters are tossed around the arena and shoved aside by the massive beast.

One bullfighter, identified as Fabio Francisco, has a seizure after landing firmly on the ground, reportedly brought on by a head injury sustained during the encounter with the bull.

Francisco’s teammates and a group of bystanders work to surround him, attempting to shield him from the raging bull.

They are ultimately able to get Francisco out of the arena, with the bull clearly still fighting in the background.

He was then rushed to an area hospital for treatment. Francisco reportedly recovered from the incident.