Senator Threatens Police With Violence if They Do Their Job [VIDEO]

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Kate Brown, a Democratic governor, threatened to have her state troopers round up Republican senators who left prematurely before they voted on a climate change bill. Tensions were already strained between the two parties on the matter, but Sen. Brian Boquist decided to throw gas on an already smoldering flame with his response.

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The climate bill in question for the state of Oregon would cap the greenhouse gas emissions in several public sectors, The Hill reported. California is the only state to have enacted such a bill, however, California has some of the severest emissions laws.

Earlier in the week, several Republican Senators left the meeting prematurely after they didn’t agree with the bill. Brown, who has been a vocal advocate for the bill, explained her train of thought going forward by issuing a press release.

“The Senate Republicans have decided to abandon their duty to serve their constituents and walk out. The Senate Democrats have requested the assistance of the Oregon State Police to bring back their colleagues to finish the work they committed to push forward for Oregonians. As the executive of the agency, I am authorizing the State Police to fulfill the Senate Democrats’ request,” Brown said in a press release.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that the Senate Republicans would turn their back on their constituents who they are honor-bound to represent here in this building. They need to return and do the jobs they were elected to do.”

In turn, the media caught up with Sen. Boquist of Dallas, Oregon, to get his thoughts on Brown possibly sending officers to prevent a second walkout.

“Send bachelors and come heavily armed. I’m not going to be a political prisoner in the state of Oregon. It’s just that simple.” His questionable words have reverberated throughout the Senate with many calling for a public apology.

In response to the outcry of his ill-will remarks, Boquist told Oregon Live: “I have been in political coup attempts. I have been held hostage overseas. I have been jailed politically overseas,” he said in an email Wednesday.

“I am doubtful the governor will actually come arrest us,” Boquist explained. “The Oregon State police are not authorized under statutory things for civil arguments.”