SEE IT: Pentagon Releases Video of Massive MOAB Strike Against ISIS [VIDEO]

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When Donald Trump said he was going to “bomb the s**t out of ISIS,” he wasn’t lying. A 21,000-pound GBU-43B conventional bomb dropped on ISIS has killed 36 members of the group and destroyed a network of caves the group was using. The Pentagon has released the video, and it’s quite awe inspiring.


[Scroll Down For Video]

The black and white footage video is soundless, but it shows the true power of the (MOAB) Mother Of All Bombs that was dropped in Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan.


When the bomb is dropped, a massive black plume of smoke billows from the devastated area. The mountain landscape is quickly covered with smoke and destruction.


The point of the video is for potential adversaries to see the devastation caused by the powerful weapon. It is also allows the American people to see firsthand that Trump has indeed kept his promise to destroy ISIS.

The MOAB was used as ground forces deemed it to be the best option to clear out the rat’s nest of underground tunnels.


Gen. Daulat Waziri, spokesman for the Afghanistan Ministry of Defense, said the 11-ton blast destroyed several caves and ammunition caches.

“It was a strong position and four times we had operations (attacking the site) and it was not possible to advance,” he said. Now, however, the bomb has done what ground forces could not accomplish.


President Trump commented on the dropping of the bomb stating, it was a “very, very successful mission,” and many Afghan citizens welcomed the blast.

Citizens from neighboring towns heard and felt the sonic boom. Shah Wali, who lives 9 miles from the border of Nangarhar told reporters from the AP that it woke him up.


“I was sleeping when we heard a loud explosion. It was an earsplitting blast,” he said. “I jumped from my bed and came out of my home to see what has gone wrong in our village.”

The dropping of the MOAB is a clear message to other countries and ISIS alike that the US is still a mighty super power, and we respond with force when needed.