Jogger Fights Off and Beats Up Sex Attacker, Her Fitbit Tracks it All.

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Kelly Herron, 36, was jogging through Golden Gardens Park in Seattle when her “biggest running nightmare” came true. When she stopped to use a public restroom in the park, a man who was “hiding in a stall” attacked her. Little did he know, Herron has taken self-defense classes. She decided to fight back.

Herron was four miles into her run when she stopped to use the public bathroom. As she was drying her hands, Herron realized something wasn’t right. She then turned around and saw the man in the restroom with her.

As reported by the Mirror, the man reportedly knocked Herron to the floor and began hitting her legs and knees. Herron, fearing she was going to be raped, was determined to escape the attack.

In an Instagram post, Herron said, “I fought for my life screaming ‘Not today, M**F**er!’” She clawed at the man’s face and punched him until she was able to escape.

Along the way, she managed to lock her attacker in the bathroom with a carabiner a passerby had on hand, keeping him in place until the police arrived.

The entire ordeal was recorded by Herron’s fitness tracker, leaving a GPS trail as evidence of what she went through.

Regarding the knowledge she gained from her self-defense course, Herron said she “utilized all of it.”

Herron also described the nature of her injuries in the Instagram post, saying, “My face is stitched, my body is bruised, but my spirit is intact.”

Her attacker was arrested once the police arrived. The man, a 40-year-old sex offender from Arizona named Gary Steiner, looked much worse for wear after the incident.