School Shooting in Kentucky – Multiple Casualties [VIDEO]

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Another school shooting has a high school on lockdown. Early reports indicate that one person is dead and seven others wounded. The incident appears to have ended, as the alleged shooter is in custody, yet authorities are still clearing the school. Anxious parents are being turned away from the school.

The incident occured in a high school in Kentucky. Marshall County High School in Caldwell went into lockdown Tuesday at about 8am.

“Kentucky State Police said the suspect was apprehended by a Marshall County Sheriff’s Deputy and the scene is now secure,” the Daily Mail reports.

Early reports suggest five people were shot. An air-rescue helicopter was part of the response.

“Tragic shooting at Marshall County HS… Shooter is in custody, one confirmed fatality, multiple others wounded… Much yet unknown,” Governor Matt Bevin tweeted.

After the alarm, first responders blocked off the entrances to the school. The parents were being turned away form the school as the police continued to

The school was placed in lock down and the entrances to the school were blocked off by first responders. Police are working to ensure that the shooter in custody was the only one and that there are no further threats.

“Pray for Marshall County High School, I am a student there and we just had a school shooter, multiple students injured, please pray for us,” a student inside the school tweeted.

After the lockdown is complete, students will be bused to North Marshall Middle School so they could be picked up by their parents.

There’s no motive for the shooting yet. As more information becomes available, we’ll update this article.