School Pays $375K to Boy who Developed PTSD After Sex with Gym Teacher

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It seems like teachers having sexual relations with their students is becoming more and more commonplace. When the two predictably are caught, it’s usually because the student bragged about the relationship, which results in the teacher being fired and arrested. One boy, who had sexual relations with his gym teacher, took it a step further.

In 2016, the unnamed student began to have sexual relations with his married gym teacher, 32-year-old Corine Audiat. The two were discovered after there were reports of Audiat having an inappropriate relationship with one of her students.

Following an investigation, Audiat was fired from Fremont Unified School District where she had been working since 2012. She was then arrested on numerous charges including three counts of contacting a minor for sex and one count of sending harmful material to a minor with sexual intent, which was later dropped as part of a plea deal.

The teenage boy, who has since graduated, claimed he began developing signs of post-traumatic stress disorder after having sex with Audiat.

In 2018, he and his lawyer, B. Robert Allard, sued the school district. The two claimed neither the school, nor the district, adequately protected him against the gym teacher’s sexual advances.

After months of going back and forth, Allard was able to prove without a doubt that Fremont Unified School District should have been more protective given the situation and he was rewarded $375,000.

The school district was also ordered to pay an additional $25,000 for the student’s court fees. “We knew this settlement wasn’t going to be confidential, and that it would send a message to other districts: You have to take proactive measures, or you’re going to be held accountable,” Allard said following the ruling.

In addition to being fired, Audiat was ordered to pay the boy $4,000, not be allowed to work with children again and to stay away from the teen for 10 years, according to the Daily Mail.  She is now a registered sex offender.