School Now Requires Students to Learn ‘Adulting’

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When most students head to high school, they spend the day focused on subjects like English, algebra, history, and chemistry. Now, one school decided to make an addition, sending seniors to a special event, dubbed “Adulting Day,” where they could learn a variety of life skills that high school doesn’t typically cover.

On Wednesday, according to a report by Wave 3 News, the class of 2019 at Bullitt Central High School in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, took part in a special “Adulting Day” event.

Instead of regular classes, the students met with members of the community, learning skills like how to change a tire, manage a credit card, and cook in a dorm room.

Local law enforcement was even in attendance, teaching students how to interact with cops during traffic stops.

The event was coordinated by BCHS Family Resource & Youth Services Center.

“I think that the idea occurred to me originally, I saw a Facebook post that parents passed around saying they needed a class in high school on taxes and cooking,” said BCHS Family Resource & Youth Services Center director Christy Hardin said.

“Our kids can get that, but they have to choose it,” Hardin added. “And [Wednesday] was a day they could pick and choose pieces they didn’t feel like they had gotten so far.”

One of the other topics discussed with students during the event was how to know if feelings of homesickness could be a sign of something more serious.

The event also included a variety of guest speakers, including members of the Army and Our Lady of Peace.