School District Fires Teacher Who Tried to Report Undocumented Students to Trump on Social Media

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Illegal immigrants have been a main point of concern for President Trump’s administration. He ran in 2016 on the premise of building a wall to contain the problem, and many Americans agree with him. Georgia Clark, an English teacher, says she agrees with the president’s vision, and through a series of public tweets, she expressed concern that her school was being “taken over” by illegals.

Clark was fired after The Fort Worth Independent School District, which is in Texas, voted 8-0 on Tuesday to terminate Clark for her distasteful May 22nd tweets.

According to NBC News, Clark has the option to appeal the ruling if she wishes, though it will be difficult to win the appeal as this is not an isolated incident.

In 2013, the school district investigated a report of Clark calling a group of students “little Mexico.” If that wasn’t bad enough, at the time of her tweets, she was already under investigation by the district after she allegedly told a student: “Show me your papers … you are illegal.”

The school that employed her is 88 percent Hispanic, Fox News reported. Clark’s tweets immediately caused an uproar within the community as she has been a teacher at Carter-Riverside High School for the district for over 20 years.

A week after she originally posted the tweets, Clark deleted her Twitter account presumably with the hope of minimizing the blowback. The Hill obtained a portion of the deleted tweets that claim her “district is loaded with illegal students from Mexico” and that the school she worked at had been “taken over by them.”

Clark acknowledged that the tweets were hers, but she was under the impression that she was sending a private message to the President of the United States. Instead of sending a private message, Clark publicly tweeted the president.

Superintendent Kent P. Scribner issued a statement following the ruling. “Fort Worth serves 86,000 students, and it is our goal that we treat each one with dignity and respect, and based on the information that we have, we think this is the most responsible recommendation at this time.”