SAVAGE: Man Barbecues Hot Dogs Right Outside Animal Rights Protest [VIDEO]

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Protests and counter-protests have become commonplace. Most include a cadre of young people who are under the mistaken view that volume wins arguments. This counter-protest is much more creative. One man has been showing up to animal-rights protests and setting up his trusty barbecue. So what’s on the menu? Meat.

The protests in Canada are happening outside slaughterhouses. Animal rights activists are showing up to complain about the habits of carnivores. But they’re not alone at these protests.

One man has been organizing small barbecues and inviting his friends. They set up right alongside the protestors and fire up the grill. They then pass out hotdogs to anyone who wants one. They are even offering to feeds the protestors.

The truck drivers and employees of the slaughterhouse seem to enjoy the hotdogs.

A video posted to the Pathetic Millennial channel on YouTube captures the antics. “We’re at a pig vigil right now outside of a slaughterhouse that slaughters 10,000 pigs per day,” a voice can be heard saying on the video.

“They think it’s f***ing hilarious to come and set up a barbecue right in front of us,” the voice says.

The vegan protestors haven’t taken kindly to the counter-protestors. They have even called police on them, even though they’re exercising their free speech rights in the same way as those protesting the existence of the slaughterhouses.

The police wouldn’t take any hotdogs. Perhaps that was due to their duty to remain impartial.

After the protestors swarm the man, he gives in. “I guess they won this round,” he says. The vegans may have won the round, but the haven’t likely seen the end of the creative grill master.

“[T]his is not the first time people have done things to antagonize vegans and animal rights protestors,” Celebritiesmoney writes. “Earlier this year, a man reportedly chewed down on a raw, blood-dripping piece of steak on full display, right outside a vegan festival.”