Sarah Silverman Tells How She ‘Fell in Love’ With Trump Supporters

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Comedian Sarah Silverman is an outspoken liberal. She is a part of the Hollywood culture that speaks out against Trump every change they get. But while traveling to shoot her Hulu series “I Love You, America,” she explained that she actually ‘fell in love’ with Trump supports and realized they were not so different after all.

“When you’re one-on-one with someone who doesn’t agree with you, or whose ideology is different than yours, when you’re face-to-face, your porcupine needles go down,” Silverman told The Hollywood Reporter.

She added that this was not her intention but surprises happen all the time. “The surprise was … I fell in love with them. I had a great time with them and I felt comfortable.”

The anti-Trump comedian did give some words of wisdom when it comes to meeting with people that hold different ideologies. “Because more than anything, all of us, what we have in common is, we want to feel seen. We want to feel like we exist,” she insightfully explained.

Silverman stated she understands why Republicans felt like the world was going to end when Obama was elected for two terms. She said her “survival-based fears” took over and “in an instant, I basically became a liberal doomsday prepper,” she said. “And for the first time, I felt an actual kinship to the far-right militia person who thought Obama would end the world.”

Now this isn’t to say that she has completely become a Republican or even likes President Trump for that matter. “We’re waiting for him to hit bottom,” she said while speaking about Trump’s presidency. “There’s no bottom. It’s bottomless.”

Silverman talked about the allegations of alleged sexual misconduct for men in power such as Harvey Weinstein and President Trump.

“I think it’s a kind of putting a healthy fear in men … It has to change, so that’s why things have to be hard right now, and people should be afraid and think before they act. That’s a good thing.”

Silverman may not change completely, but at least she’s taken a look at both sides of the argument and realizes it doesn’t really matter what political ideology one follows. People are just people doing the best they can.