S. Carolina Woman Fondles Strangers and Plays Cards in Their House

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Anneta Brewton, a 42 year old South Carolina native, was arrested Tuesday after one of the most bizarre crime sprees I’ve heard of.
First, Brewton held up a Sav-A-Lot for steak. She then proceeded to another store in the same mall, and began fondling customers and asking for money. When asked to leave, she dropped her pants and began swearing at nearby customers.
Brewton then ran off and broke into the house of an elderly woman, with whom she played cards for a time. She then locked the door to the house and said they wouldn’t leave because the police were outside. When the police actually did arrive, Brewton refused to leave the old woman’s toilet or pull her pants up.
Finally, on the way to the station, Brewton kicked out a window of a patrol car.
That brings the final list of crimes to: kidnapping, burglary, trespassing, shoplifting and indecent exposure. Probably some sort of property damage for the car as well.