Russia’s “Navy Day” Show of Force flops When Ship Crashes into Bridge.

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When President Donald Trump began talking about his desire to have a grand military parade, many pointed out that the move seemed oddly reminiscent of the posturing of our old Cold War adversary. The Russians put on spectacular parades. Their latest, though, wasn’t flawless, as the video below demonstrates. Nothing spoils a parade like a boat hitting a bridge.

Russia’s Navy Day parade is a big deal for the country. The country’s ships, across the globe, participate. The central attractions occur where people can see. That means cramming multiple ships into one spot, typically a river, and allowing them to parade past dignitaries.

This most recent parade stretched out in the waters of the Neva River in St. Petersburg. Russian President Vladimir Putin was on hand to review the sailors.

There were 40 warships, 38 aircraft and some 4,000 troops involved in the event. On the whole, it was impressive. Coordinating movements of that many people and ships requires serious logistics.

Still, one Serna-class landing craft got a bit loose. The boat clipped the footing of a bridge during the parade. The Ivan Pas’ko was sailing at about 8 knots when it hit. The impact was more embarrassing than damaging. The bridge seemed unscathed. Some of the crew were jostled.

In fact, the incident would normally be cleared up with a bit of paperwork and a bit of paint. Yet the international attention focused on the Navy Day parade means this is much more of a faux pas.

The rest of the parade, though, came off as Putin had planned. The “Russian Navy will get 26 new warships, boats and vessels, four of them equipped with Kalibr missiles,” Putin bragged during his speech.

Russia’s growing military might has many global analysts paying attention. Some of Russia’s allies even send their own delegations to see the parade first hand. China was on hand this year, and even participated in the parade.

One of the more notable developments is the debut of a new stealth frigate, the Admiral Gorshkov. This is a first for the Russian navy, and something the U.S. Navy is watching closely.