YouTuber Puts Tank Tracks on Bentley, Showcases ‘Ultratank’s’ Power in Awesome Video Series

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A YouTuber decided to re-envision the Bentley Continental GT coupe and shared footage of his creation on the social media platform. He replaced the traditional tires with massive tank tracks – a design he dubbed the “Bentley Ultratank” – and took the vehicle off-road, showcasing the capabilities of this unconventional and aggressive redesign.

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The video appeared on AcademeG, a popular Russian YouTube channel, according to a report by Road and Track. The makeshift tank, from the fenders up, looks like the Bentley Continental GT coupe. However, the massive tank tracks give the final vehicle a “Mad Max” feel, albeit a bit more luxurious.

The tank features a V-8 engine. During the reconstruction, the creator managed to use the OEM steering wheel, but it isn’t able to turn the tracks directly. Instead, the differential remains open. When the vehicle needs to make a turn, brakes are applied on the inside of the track, allowing the power to the outside of the track to steer the tank.

The experiment doesn’t go off without a hitch, however. In a few instances, the tracks decouple from the wheels.

Even with the challenges, those involved in the video revel in the experience. At one point, the group even almost manages to get the tank airborne.

AcademeG didn’t just upload a video of the final product. There are also a few more videos that show the building process.

The channel also noted that work on the Ultratank isn’t complete, as the group intends to make a few additional tweaks and improve the overall performance. Currently, the tank has a top speed of about 31 mph, though the group hopes to double that in the future.